Metformin Side Effects

Although your chances of feeling any side effects are pretty low, it is still important to take a look at them. Metformin Side Effects - Find Out All The Information You Need Before Taking The MedicineThis will enable you to quickly seek medical help and thus avoid any complications. Before you delve deeper into the world of side effects and adverse reactions, it will be a better idea if you first look at the indications of the drug.

The drug is commonly used to treat Type 2 diabetes and has been found effective in lowering blood sugar levels rather quickly. It also keeps them at standard rates for longer periods of time. The best aspect of this drug is its ability to bring down sugar levels in people with obesity problems. This may come as a surprise but normal anti-diabetic drugs take longer times in helping obese people with glucose control. This drug has overcome this impediment and is widely prescribed to people with weight problems.

As for Metformin side effects, they are few and far between. The most common side effect is diarrhea that has been observed in more than 20% of people taking the drug. This is generally a minor symptom and resolves within a couple of days. Diarrhea usually appears in obese people as their body metabolism may overreact to the drug therapy. You should seek medical help in case it persists longer than a couple of days as this may be indicative of serious complications. Nausea has also been observed in up to 10% of people but it is an associated symptom and resolves with the diarrhea.

Headache is included in the side effects and has been observed in up to 5% of people. Headaches are caused by a number of problems associated with high blood sugar levels. This thus takes a little time for the body to adjust to normal blood sugar. Headache usually resolves within a few hours and should not be a source of concern. You should contact a doctor if it persists and relapses after your body has adjusted to the drug. This can be a result of other problems that may not be even associated with the drug. A through medical examination will reveal the actual source of the problem.

Metformin side effects also include difficulty in breathing in some people. This symptom is troublesome as it can be indicative of heart or pulmonary disease. A basic medical checkup is required to rule out the chances of any severe disorders.

These Metformin side effects are not pervasive enough that you should be worried about drug therapy. You will also feel relieved when you find the amazingly low prices of these drugs at these online drug stores.

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